Rabbit Mac

Contact : maraz@maraz.tv

> Real name : Charles John Macallum >Date of birth : August 7, 1983 in George town >When entertainment career started : The first studio album he collaborated in, was produced in 2005, together with Mista West and D.J.Bluezi. >Achievements : Rabbit Mac has also featured and worked alongside artists like Bionic Asura, Dhilip Varman, Mista Gee, Mc Phoenix, Haze Freaky G, Saran Z, Sugu Amigoz, Mc.Syze, Lock Up, Vassan, Sasi the Don, Nakeeran from Malaysia, Shabir from Singapore, Dinesh Kanagarathnam from Sri Lanka, DJ.Sathya, Christopher Columbus from Singapore, Srik from India, and Charles Bosco from United Kingdoms. He featured and composed a sound track for India’s Jaya TV’s “Thuppariyum Pulli”. PSYCHO.unit and Rabbit.Mac have also worked with a big time movie making company known as MIG Metrowealth by doing sound tracks for most anticipated local movies “Senario” and “Ngangkong” which were released end of the year 2009.